Thursday, April 22, 2010

year hiatus comes to a close

My first finished painting after my little guy has come into my life. I was asked to contribute one of my girls for a fundraising art auction. But needed to paint a new one as I haven't had a finished painting sitting in my studio since August. Sooo, "Nurture Inner Tunes" was created for the Arizona Museum for Youth's Tune into Art evening on May 1. What great timing, the child-like character is the inner music mini-me of my girl in the painting. Bit of a happy coincidence. :)

And since I've been working on this wonderful little painting, I've also started "Stacy" one of my last sketches, and another girl.

I love my new roll in life, but I am soooo happy to find time here and there to paint again, I've missed it. And my girl's have missed me.